Broken Garage Door Rollers Need Repair

If your garage door won’t open, it the rollers could be broken. When your garage door rollers are broken, you can press the button on the remote all day and still be looking at a closed door. The normal noises will be heard, but the garage door won’t move.

What is the problem with the rollers on the garage door?

Most likely the problem is that one of your garage door’s rollers snapped off and is not where it’s supposed to be. It could also be an issue with multiple rollers. Garage door rollers break quite often and require replacement. Without all of the rollers intact, your garage door will not roll up and down smoothly as you go into the garage or exit the garage. Why does this happen? Garage door rollers can malfunction or break for a variety of reasons: no consistent maintenance, general wear and tear, or any other random reason.

How do you fix broken garage door rollers?

Contact Miami Garage Door Repair today. Our certified, expert garage door repair team has the experience and knowledge needed to correctly assess the problem with your garage door rollers, fix the problem, and provide garage door maintenance advice for on-going care of your garage door. With proper maintenance, garage door problems are reduced.
Whether your door is struggling to open, won’t open at all, or you’ve tried to open it and the entire door fell out of its frame, the team at 24GarageDoors is prepared and ready to help.

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