Broken Garage Door System Sensors

Click, click, click… with broken garage door sensors you can click all day but the garage door won’t budge.   Has this ever happened to you?  One of the main reasons for this is that your garage door’s sensors are not working.

Today’s garage doors rely on the sensors for their core functionality.  Garage door sensors detect whether something is in the way while you are trying to open or close your garage door. The sensor sends a signal to the main system to either stop or go.  These sensors are critical to be functioning properly for a garage door.  Garage door sensors save lives, prevent damage to cars and protect your other garage items.

How do garage door sensors work?

Garage door sensors are placed on either side of the door, lined up to face each other.  Each sensor will emit a beam of infrared light.  By both of the garage door sensors working properly, the beam will detect anything in the way and prevent the door from causing damage.  One broken sensor will shut down the entire system.  The garage door sensor system cannot function properly unless both of them are working as expected.

Garage door sensor problems

Occasionally, the problem is an easy fix.  For instance, dirty lenses could be preventing the sensors from receiving the other’s beams.  A simple cleaning will start your garage door sensors working again.

Another fairly easy fix is when the two garage door sensors are out of alignment. The sensors simply need to be shifted so that they are realigned with each other and your garage door will be working properly again.

Sometimes more complicated problems occur with garage door sensors.  While the previous two mentioned garage door sensor problems can (usually) be fixed by the homeowner, other issues may require the assistance of an expert.  These problems might include wiring issues, rain water damage, or shortages caused by chewed wires from pets, pests or rodents.

When you need a certified professional, we are ready to help.  The team at 24GarageRepair is experienced and knowledgeable about all garage door sensor problems.

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