Electric Garage Door Opener Repair

Imagine sitting in your car, ready to go, clicking and clicking your garage door opener with nothing happening.  A malfunctioning garage door opener can be very frustrating (to say the least). If you have changed the battery in your electric garage door opener and the unit is still not working, it is time to bring in an expert in garage door repair to assess the situation.

What to do if you think your electric garage door opener is broken.

A broken garage door opener is not the end of the world.  In most cases, our experts at 24GarageDoors can help you fix the problem and have you on your way.  Our team has been working on garage doors (and fixing garage door openers) for over 30 years.  This means we have experience with almost every possible garage door problem, including broken electric garage door openers.

What causes garage door opener problems?

The reason why your garage door opener isn’t working or may be “kind-of” working can range from something major to something as minor as needing to replace the battery in the garage door opener.  Major problems such as the entire electrical system being faulty will require more work to fix your garage door opener. Whatever is causing your electric garage door opener not to work, at24GarageDoors we can fix it.

The 24GarageDoor repair team has seen it all when it comes to garage door problems and is extremely prepared to fix the electric opener for your garage door at any time.

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