Keyless Garage Door Entry System Problems

As a society, we’ve become so reliant on convenient technology that when something malfunctions it becomes an annoying nuisance.  One of these annoyances is an inoperable keyless entry system. Yes, you can manually open and close your garage door, but when you are used to clicking a button, the extra effort required is annoying at best.

The keyless garage door entry system stops working for many reasons. Let the experts at 24GarageDoors help you figure out the problem.

No power to the main keyless entry receiver unit

Check the main unit first.  If the unit is plugged in, next check the lights and the remote.  If all three of those are functioning properly, the issue may be the circuit board on the electric garage door opener system.   These issues usually happen as the circuit board wears out over time.  The problem could also be caused by vibration – the motor, cables and supports all shake when the garage door is opened or closed.  These vibrations can cause slight disconnections on the circuit board.  Lightning and power surges are also known to blow out the circuit board of garage doors.

Garage door remote is no longer working

First test the garage wall switch opener.  If this works, but the remote does not, then the problem is most likely with the keyless garage door remote.  Next, change the batteries.  If the batteries are good and it is still not working, then there is a problem with your garage door remote itself.

Our professional garage door repair team will be able to replace your broken garage door remote with a new remote.  We will then make sure that the new remote is compatible with your garage door opener’s frequency. There are many different brands and models available and compatibility is key to replacing a garage door remote.

Garage door motor not able to open the garage door

The problem here is most likely either in the trolley carriage instead of inside the garage door motor or the rotating mechanism is worn out/ broken which. If the trolley moves but does not open the door, the motor is working just fine. Instead, a new trolley carriage will have to be installed in order to fix the problem. A broken or grinded system will need to be either repaired or replaced; this is due to several reasons: over-load of weight, unbalanced door, an object blocking the smooth door operation.

Garage wall switch does not open the garage door

When your garage door will open with the remote or other method, but not with the wall switch, something is wrong with the wall switch.  First make sure there is electricity going to the switch.  Sometimes a blown fuse causes the switch not to work.  If there is power to the wall switch, then it is most likely a wiring issue.  The wires to the wall switch can become loose which causes the switching mechanism within the switch to fail.   It could also be an issue with your garage door sensors. Electric garage door openers require exact alignment with the sensors in order to receive the signals which control the automatic opening and closing of your garage door.

Our expert technicians will be able to recognize and repair the problem with your garage door wall switch.  The team at 24GarageDoor is knowledgeable about everything related to garage door repair and can easily service any problem with your garage door wall switch.

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