Repair Garage Door Off Track

An off track garage door is a very bad problem to have

Have you ever pressed the button on your garage door remote, only to see one side of your door go up and the other side stay down?  This is a clear indication your garage door is off track.  Sometimes the garage door track problem can be subtler.  You may notice the garage door wobbles as it goes up or down.  This could mean it is slightly off track.   The garage door may also be slightly off track, causing weird movements and weird noises when your garage door goes up or down.

There are few things worse that can happen to a garage door than it coming off track. More than a simple snapped cable or malfunctioning remote, an off track garage door is typically indicative of either a serious issue with the door, or a serious issue with one of the working parts that keep the door opening and closing smoothly.

An off track garage door also can render your garage basically useless.  If it gets stuck off track in a half-up half-down position, it can be impossible to get your car in or out.  This also affects the safety of your home.  If your garage door is stuck partially open because it jumped off track in some sections, this leaves your garage vulnerable to theft and unwanted intruders.

What to do if your garage door is off track

Call 24GarageDoors. Our expert garage door repair team is trained, certified and experienced in all aspects of garage door installation, repair, and maintenance, including diagnosing issues with off track doors.  Whatever your garage door repair problem is – minor or major, we can diagnose and fix it.


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