Tune Up Service Electric Garage Door

Why do you need regular Garage Door Maintenance?

Your garage door needs regular maintenance just as your car needs regular oil changes. Of all the garage door problems we service, a lot of them could have been avoided.  Regular preventative garage door maintenance keeps your garage door functioning at peak performance and helps identify potential problems before they become big problems.

Checking your Garage Door

When our garage door maintenance experts perform this service, they come to your home and check every possible component of the garage door.  This includes: gears and motors, the garage door springs, rollers, openers, cables and all the other parts to your garage door.

Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

Regular inspections and tune-ups for your garage door will save you a potential big headache.  Neglected garage door parts tend to break.  When they do break, it will almost always be at an inconvenient time.  Save the hassle of calling for emergency garage door repair services and schedule a routine checkup today.  Our plans are thorough and affordable!

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